What is the Difference Between Regular MDF and Orgalit MDF?

What is the Difference Between Regular MDF and Orgalit MDF?

At first glance, Orgalit MDF and standard MDF may seem similar, but the main difference lies in the enhanced strength of Orgalit. This type of MDF is characterized by a smooth front surface and a rougher back surface, often with a thickness of about 7 mm.

Manufacturing Technology

Orgalit MDF is a budget-friendly construction material, distinguished by its strength due to the "wet" pressing process. Various methods of wood pulverization are used in its production:

  • Thermo-mechanical
  • Chemico-mechanical
  • Mechanical

After pulverization, the wood particles are mixed with additives that increase the moisture resistance of the final product. Then the mixture is pressed at high temperature and pressure. Another method involves drying the pulverized mass in special chambers, resulting in one side of the board being smooth. Sometimes the front side is coated with lacquer or laminated with a special durable film that imitates different materials.

Applications of Orgalit MDF

Orgalit MDF is widely used due to its versatile properties:

  • As insulation for roofs, walls in frame-panel construction, and wooden houses.
  • As a base for carpet, linoleum, parquet, and laminate flooring.
  • For sound and noise insulation in specialized premises.
  • As a finishing element in post-renovation spaces.
  • In furniture production for making specific parts.
  • As a decorative element in hand-made and artistic works.

Thus, Orgalit MDF is a sought-after material in construction and design due to its versatility, strength, and aesthetic appeal.