Techniques for Attaching Drywall to the Ceiling

Techniques for Attaching Drywall to the Ceiling

In modern renovation works, drywall is increasingly used due to its versatility and ease of installation. This material facilitates the creation of complex structures such as multi-level ceilings, arches, and partitions. The durability and reliability of a drywall ceiling primarily depend on the quality of its attachment.

Main Methods of Installing Drywall

Direct Attachment to the Base Ceiling: This method involves directly attaching drywall sheets to the ceiling using special fastening elements. Using a Wooden Frame: Here, drywall is attached to a structure made of wooden bars or slats. It's important to note that this method may slightly reduce the room's height due to the thickness of the slats. Applying Gypsum Mastic: This approach uses a special adhesive composition to fix the drywall sheets directly to the ceiling. Installation on a Metal Frame: In this case, drywall sheets are attached to a specially assembled metal frame, providing high reliability of the structure.

Installation of Drywall on a Wooden Frame

To attach drywall to a wooden frame, screws or dowels are required, depending on the base material (brick, concrete, or wood). Rails should be aligned with a step of 7-8 cm and placed at a distance of 60 cm from each other to ensure even fixation of the sheets.

Installation on a Metal Profile

For the installation of drywall on a metal profile, screws are used, selected based on the thickness of the drywall sheets. The distance between the points of attachment usually ranges from 12 to 15 cm. When using a metal profile, the distance between guiding profiles is about 40 cm.

Using Gypsum Mastic

When using gypsum mastic for attaching drywall, it's important to ensure good adhesion to the ceiling surface. The mastic should be applied in small portions, and if working with concrete or plastered ceilings, it's recommended to pre-prime for better adhesion.

Methods of Lifting and Installing Drywall

Lifting drywall to the ceiling is easiest when working with two people, but there are ways to simplify the task for one person as well. Lifting options include using a wooden frame, a lift, a mobile platform on rollers, or a special fixator.


The choice of method for attaching drywall depends on specific conditions and requirements for the structure. It's important to consider the type of base, desired strength, and aesthetic preferences when selecting an appropriate installation method.