Unique Mosaic Styles for Transforming Interiors

Unique Mosaic Styles for Transforming Interiors

Everyone aspires to style their home in a unique and contemporary manner. Nowadays, rhinestones are widely used to add luxury and sophistication to interiors. This innovative material finds its application in room decoration, adding an exquisite sparkle to interiors, visually expanding spaces, and creating a festive atmosphere.

Rhinestone Mosaic

Recently introduced to the building materials market, rhinestone mosaic is a unique type of glass mosaic made from colored or clear crystal with faceted surfaces. The multiple facets of each piece reflect light, filling the room with enchanting glow.

Such sparkling mosaics are often used for creating glamorous rather than classic interiors. Their origin lies in palace styles. They are used in decorating elements and furniture, with the main goal being moderation. It's important to strike a balance to prevent the interior from becoming vulgar and overdone. Rhinestone mosaic fits various spaces. In bathrooms, it can complement ceramic tiles, forming patterns on floors and walls. In kitchens, it enhances the working area, adding elegance and accentuating the beauty of kitchen cabinets. In bars and discos, it's an essential decor element, creating a unique play of light. To craft a masterpiece combining rhinestones and ceramic tiles, one can use sparkling grout for joints, turning the surface into a true work of art. All necessary materials are available in specialized mosaic stores.

Rhinestones - an indispensable tool for the master decorator, helping to bring the boldest and most original design ideas to life.

Bamboo Mosaic

Tile Incorporating natural materials into interior design is not only trendy but also beneficial. They create an ambiance of warmth and comfort.

Bamboo mosaic, a recent addition to the building materials market, has already gained popularity among those seeking unusual interior solutions. This material was first introduced by Chinese craftsmen.

Only strong wood varieties are used in production. The bamboo is first steamed, then dried, sanded, and polished. Without using chemicals, bamboo mosaic is perfect for living spaces. Due to this method, the finished product is moisture-resistant, mold and fungus-free, and highly durable. The size of the elements varies from 1.5 to 10 cm in length and from 0.6 cm in width. Small pieces are glued onto a special mesh measuring 30.5 x 30.5 cm.

The main advantage of bamboo mosaic is its eco-friendliness and natural beauty. Its use in interiors creates a tropical exotic feel and fills the space with natural energy. The finish harmoniously blends with Japanese, Eastern, and African styles. The natural wood pattern lends elegance to both residential and public spaces: restaurants, offices. It is suitable for finishing in baths, saunas, and swimming pools. Bamboo mosaic can serve as both a primary element and a stylish accent in any interior. Its application is limited only by the designer's imagination.


  • As flooring in living rooms, hallways, and bathrooms.
  • For decorating interior elements, including arches, alcoves, and podiums.
  • In creating wall panels or framing paintings and mirrors.
  • As a lining material for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes.

Unlike many other finishing materials, bamboo is suitable for cladding drywall walls and partitions due to its light weight. Bamboo is a true gift of nature for talented designers, an indispensable assistant in creating unique and modern design masterpieces.