Creating a meeting room at home

Creating a meeting room at home

Lately, my social circle has expanded with many designers, both beginners and professionals. This inspired me to think about the interior design of a room. In my apartment, I decided to organize a space for holding negotiations.

Working occasionally as a journalist, I concluded that receiving guests at my home for interviews and conversations would be much more convenient. Additionally, I wanted to create a space for meetings. However, having no experience in room design, I turned to professionals for advice.

One of my friends showed me an example of an interior from the internet, which I really liked. Take a look for yourself.

Example of a negotiation room

Transparent Negotiation Room

In a large room, a small, cozy roomette was equipped, reminiscent of those seen in the "Newsroom" series. However, the transparent walls of such a space may not be to everyone's liking.

It's important to remember that the atmosphere and design of the negotiation room affect the efficiency of communication. Therefore, attention should be paid to interior planning.

It is necessary to carefully choose furniture, color schemes for walls and ceiling, and pay attention to small details. Factors such as odors and air temperature are also important, for which a high-quality split system is required.

Participants in the negotiations should feel as comfortable as possible. This approach to design is adopted by many large and successful companies.

Successful Example of a Negotiation Room

Another designer friend of mine sent me an example of an interesting room.

Another example of a negotiation room

Negotiation Room with a Conference Table

The main element of such a room is the conference table. It should be large enough to accommodate 5 to 10 people. Personally, I like round or oval tables with a monochromatic, non-bright finish.

The colors in the room should be calm and relaxing.

The chairs should harmonize with the selected table and the overall style of the room.

The Importance of Pre-planning Equipment

What I initially did not consider was the need for thoughtful placement of audio equipment. It is necessary to provide space for speakers, a mixing console, and other equipment. In my case, I had to purchase additional drawers so that the technology would fit harmoniously into the interior.

Friends, that's all for today. Until next time.