Clinker Tile for Durable and Stylish Renovation

Clinker Tile for Durable and Stylish Renovation

While designing the interior of my salon, I wanted to find materials that would retain their original appearance for a long time. Ordinary tiling and common pavement tiles didn't inspire me. Research on the internet led me to clinker tiles.

Numerous Questions about Clinker

It was hard to believe that a tile that looks so ordinary could have such high strength qualities. I decided to expand my knowledge in this area.

Studying the production of clinker revealed that it acquires its unique properties due to firing at temperatures up to 900 degrees. This process endows clinker with characteristics similar to glass.

Clinker is used in various areas due to its strength and resistance to moisture and high temperatures:

  • For facade cladding;
  • For floors and steps;
  • In fireplace finishing;
  • Ideal for pools and saunas.

That’s why clinker is often chosen for cladding in public establishments.

The Cost Aspect of Clinker

Initially, the list of additional materials needed for laying clinker might seem expensive. However, comparing prices in different stores and analyzing alternatives, it turns out that considering the warranty, clinker justifies its cost. If you don't want to frequently renovate, clinker is an excellent choice.

Beauty and Quality: The Balance of Clinker

Many materials are either of good quality but not very attractive, or vice versa. Manufacturers of cladding materials constantly seek this balance. For a long time, I thought about using ceramics, but concerns about its fragility made me hesitant. Friends who chose clinker for their home confirmed that it is more reliable and durable.

Clinker tile looks luxurious, especially thanks to the play of shades in one color, achieved by varying the firing time.

My Results with Clinker

My experience with clinker tile was very successful. The result is a stylishly designed salon, where every element of the interior, from wall cladding to the steps and floor in the reception area, is made with quality clinker tile. This material not only gave the room an aesthetically attractive look but also ensured the durability of all surfaces. I hope that such a renovation will last for many years, maintaining its beauty and functionality. Considering this positive experience, I plan to use clinker for future renovation work at my country house, expecting the same excellent result.