Eco-Veneer: Innovative Doors

Eco-Veneer: Innovative Doors

Over the years of working with wooden products, specialists have developed a unique line of doors using Western European and Italian technologies. Eco-veneer is a new generation environmentally friendly material with a refined texture that mimics the appearance of natural wood and possesses excellent operational qualities.

Main Advantages and Characteristics of Eco-Veneer

Years of experience with wooden products have allowed experts to create unique doors utilizing Western European and Italian technologies. Eco-veneer serves as the basis for this innovation – an ecologically clean material of the new generation. It boasts a sophisticated texture that imitates natural wood and has high operational characteristics. The main advantages of eco-veneer include:

Durability and High Wear Resistance: The material is resistant to cracks and abrasion, maintaining its original appearance and color over a long period. Uniformity of Shades: The issue of varying tones between different batches and elements of the doors is eliminated. Interior doors with eco-veneer visually resemble those made from natural veneer. Affordable Cost: Despite their high-quality characteristics, these doors are cheaper than laminated alternatives. Environmental Safety: Eco-veneer is completely harmless to human health.

These features make eco-veneer an excellent choice for those seeking quality and affordable doors.

Additional Features of Eco-Veneer Doors

Besides the main advantages, the additional characteristics of eco-veneer doors are also important:

"Sandwich" Construction: Rails and stiles are made using this principle, providing additional strength. Use of LVL Timber: This material is used in the construction of stiles and is characterized by good resistance to deformation, high physical and mechanical properties, and fire resistance. Modern European Equipment: Thanks to this equipment, stiles are made without edging, eliminating delamination problems and making the ends reliable and neat.

Popularity of Veneered Doors

Veneered doors have gained wide popularity in Russia and Europe due to their high quality and accessibility. They are the ideal solution for updating interiors after renovations, combining style and functionality.

Options for Eco-Veneer Door Constructions

The range of eco-veneer doors includes a variety of designs to meet any design preference and functional requirement. Solid door options are perfect for creating a calm and private atmosphere, while glazed doors add light and visual spaciousness to the space. Double doors are an elegant solution for wide openings, providing convenient and broad access.

Various types of glass are used in the production of eco-veneer doors, allowing for additional customization of the design. Frosted glass provides privacy while still letting in natural light. Stained glass adds elegance and artistry, creating unique light effects. Ribbed and transparent glasses are ideal for those who prefer a classic style, while tinted glasses offer a modern and stylish appearance.

This wide range of constructions and glass types allows every customer to choose a door that perfectly matches their personal tastes and overall interior style.