Glazing of Balconies with Foil Insulation

Glazing of Balconies with Foil Insulation

In the world of insulators, especially crucial in our cold regions, a unique product has emerged - self-adhesive insulation with a foil coating.

This innovative material provides reliable protection for your home against external environmental impacts. It maintains warmth and comfort during the cold season, ensures comfort during the summer heat, and extends the lifespan of all the structures of your home.

What is Self-Adhesive Insulation

Self-Adhesive Insulation

This material serves as a thermal, hydro, and sound insulator. It consists of a layer of polyethylene foam, coated on one or both sides with aluminum foil, and a glue layer, protected by a paper or polymer layer.

Thanks to the anti-adhesive properties of the coating, the material is easy to store and install. It can be transported by car and installed on the surface without special tools.

The thin layer of polyethylene foam, combined with the foil coating, provides excellent thermal insulation properties. Using this insulator allows for reducing the size of construction structures without losing their functional properties.

Foil insulation can also serve as an additional layer to enhance overall insulation.

Advantages of the Material

Self-adhesive foil insulation is used in various areas due to its unique properties:

  • Low Thermal Conductivity: Few insulators can boast such efficiency with a small thickness.
  • High Reflective Ability: The foil coating allows savings on additional insulation materials.
  • Effective Sound Insulation: Particularly important in urban settings.
  • Excellent Vapor Barrier: Especially relevant for humid spaces like saunas.
  • Ease and Convenience of Installation: The material is straightforward for both professionals and individuals to use.
  • Variety of Forms: In addition to rolls of various widths, self-adhesive insulation tape is also produced for use in hard-to-reach places.


Foil self-adhesive insulation is used in various sectors:

  • Construction: Insulating structures, ventilation, and water supply systems.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Noise and thermal insulation of car and bus cabins.
  • Industry: Insulation of technological pipelines in various sectors.

Self-adhesive thermal insulation tape is also used as an insulator and a sealer for windows and doors, as well as packaging material.

The cost of the material justifies its quality, making it an accessible and profitable choice for consumers.