A Ternopil Resident Built a House from Straw Bales

A Ternopil Resident Built a House from Straw Bales

A single-story house with an attic and a garage cost Vasyl Fedishyn, a resident of Ternopil, $3,000, which is approximately a third of the cost of a "bare" one-bedroom apartment in Ukraine.

"The internet proved to be very useful," shares Vasyl. "There I learned about a special technology - building a frame house from straw bales."

Over nearly 10 years, the effectiveness of such housing has been recognized by Belarusians. The number of such houses in the neighboring country has significantly increased. Straw bales are even registered as a construction material there. According to experts, in addition to being economical, a house built using this technology is considered the most eco-friendly for living.

Of course, building a house requires a whole team. It often becomes necessary to order the delivery of special equipment, truck transport of goods, and so on.

The resident of Ternopil spent almost a year building his home - he created the wooden frame and erected the "straw" walls himself. As the homeowner explains, this cost half as much as a brick wall would have. Additionally, the house is instantly insulated thanks to the use of this technology.

Vasyl Fedishyn is not the only Ternopil resident interested in building "budget" housing. People are confident that such a house will last a long time and be cost-effective. According to Vasyl Fedishyn, he spent $3,000 to build the structure from the foundation to the roof, but he will tally the final budget later.