The Crucial Role of Color in Kitchen Interior Design

The Crucial Role of Color in Kitchen Interior Design

Recently, I talked about my decision to transform my kitchen space. Due to the numerous questions I received on this topic, I'm continuing the discussion.

Kitchen Interior Design: The Choice of Color

Today, I want to share my thoughts on colors. When choosing a countertop in the store, I encountered the significance of color choice. A green countertop caught my eye, but after consulting, I changed my decision.

Have you ever thought about how color affects our mood and emotions?

The color in our home sets our mood. The color of the kitchen affects our appetite. Let me share with you what I've learned about colors.

Green is calming, creating a relaxing effect. It makes time seem to fly faster and visually reduces space. In interiors, it pairs well with yellow and brown.

Yellow symbolizes activity and exploration. However, its excess can be undesirable in monotonous work and situations requiring concentration.

Blue relaxes, reduces muscle tension and pressure. But its overuse can lead to fatigue. Blue also decreases appetite, so it's not recommended for use in kitchens. This color is also not suitable for workspaces where quick reaction is needed.

Blue inspires trust, making it ideal for office spaces. However, too much blue in production can reduce productivity. Blue color also repels insects, so it's often used to paint objects outdoors.

Black is associated with strictness and mystery. However, an entirely black kitchen looks too gloomy.

Red is a color of energy and passion; it stimulates appetite and metabolism. However, people with high blood pressure should limit its use.

Orange is invigorating, but should be used cautiously. It also stimulates appetite.

Purple is associated with luxury and elegance, but I've never liked it, especially for the kitchen.

White symbolizes purity and visually expands space. However, an entirely white interior may seem too sterile. Hospitals often use white to create a sense of cleanliness.

Ultimately, I chose a combination of white and red, carefully balancing the red to avoid its overpowering influence.

I hope my story was helpful. See you soon!