Scandinavian Style Interior

Scandinavian Style Interior

The Scandinavian style interior is characterized by simplicity, functionality, and coziness. This northern style, originating in the Scandinavian countries, quickly gained worldwide popularity for its practicality and elegance. Let's delve into the features of this cozy and practical style.

Key Traits of Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian interior is known for its simple forms, absence of elaborate details, use of natural materials, and light tones. The main goal of such an interior is to create a maximally comfortable and harmonious atmosphere in the home.

Functionality and practicality dominate in the Scandinavian style. All furniture and decor serve a clear purpose and are justified. Nothing superfluous.

At the same time, the interior is filled with coziness and warmth. Natural textures and materials, soft textile accessories are used for this purpose.

Color Palette

In Scandinavian interiors, light tones predominate - white, beige, gray, milky. Bright and saturated colors are used very cautiously, often as small decorative elements.

Shades of blue, green, brown are also encountered - they look organic and help create a sense of calm and harmony.

Furniture and Decor

Furniture in the Scandinavian style features simple, concise forms, often with open shelves and niches. Preference is given to natural materials - wood, rattan, cotton.

Wooden tables, chairs, beds, and dressers made from light wood species are popular. Wooden bed frames, which give the interior a sense of lightness, are commonly seen.

Essential accessories of the Scandinavian interior include textile details - pillows, blankets, rugs in a subdued color palette. They add coziness and warmth to the interior.

For decor, simple household items - vases, candles, dishes - are used. They are chosen to complement the overall interior style.


Scandinavian interiors have plenty of light - large windows, light walls, and furniture visually expand the space. The room is filled with soft, diffused light.

Simple, functional light fixtures are used. To create a cozy atmosphere, aromatic candles are lit. Their soft light creates a sense of home warmth.


Thanks to the thoughtful combination of simple natural materials, an abundance of light, and stylish details, the Scandinavian interior creates a sense of harmony and coziness. This style is ideal for those who value practicality and comfort in their home. Therefore, the Scandinavian interior rightly enjoys enduring popularity.