Where to Start Apartment Renovation

Where to Start Apartment Renovation

Planning a renovation in an apartment is a responsible stage, the correctness of which largely determines the final result. There are a number of peculiarities of renovation in Ukrainian conditions that should be considered in advance. It's important to realistically approach the budget calculation, determine the necessary volume and sequence of work, select quality finishing materials, and find an experienced team of contractors.

This article will help you navigate all the nuances of the upcoming renovation – from demolition to final cleaning. We'll thoroughly analyze each stage and consider potential difficulties so that you're prepared in advance. An exciting process of transforming your apartment awaits you!

Preparing the Space

Before starting the renovation work, it's crucial to completely clear all rooms of furniture, appliances, and other items that may interfere with demolition, construction, and finishing work.

During the preparation stage, it is advisable to do the following:

  • Dismantle built-in wardrobes, mezzanines, shelves. If possible, it’s better to isolate them in a separate room during the renovation.
  • Disconnect and remove appliances - refrigerators, TVs, washing machines.
  • Remove small interior items, mirrors, paintings. Pack fragile items.
  • Clear balconies and loggias. Remove flowers, equipment.
  • Move clothes and shoes to temporary storage.

Thorough preparation of the premises will allow the construction team to start the demolition of old coverings unhindered, which will reduce the overall duration of the renovation work in the apartment.

Choosing Finishing Materials

When choosing finishing materials for apartment renovation, it's important to consider several key criteria:


  1. The functional purpose of the rooms - different types of finishes are often used for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets.
  2. Consumer properties of materials - wear resistance, moisture resistance, ecological properties of different types vary significantly.
  3. Interior design and color scheme - materials for walls and floors need to be intelligently matched in color, texture, style.
  4. Renovation budget - the cost of premium and economy class materials can differ several times.

When purchasing finishing materials, it's crucial to rely only on proven suppliers and manufacturers, preferably obtaining maximum quality guarantees.

Finding a Construction Team

Careful selection of contractors for renovation work is crucial for a successful outcome. The following advice is recommended:

  • Look for a team with positive reviews and significant experience – from 3-5 years in the market.
  • Pay attention to the presence of licenses, permits, certificates at the team.
  • Clarify the warranty periods for the work and materials performed, discuss penalty clauses for violating deadlines in the contract.
  • Compare estimates from several teams, focusing on average market prices for different types of finishing work.
  • Check the reputation and presence of legal claims against the selected construction team.

Remember, saving on contractors often leads to additional costs for correcting defects. Therefore, it's better to find a professional team right away!

Acceptance of Completed Work - A Crucial Stage

The final stage of apartment renovation is the acceptance of all work done, determining further safe use of the premises. The success of the entire renovation depends on how carefully the inspection and compliance with standards are carried out.

Quality Control Step by Step

During the acceptance, it's necessary to sequentially check all types of work for compliance with the contract requirements and technical regulations. Special attention should be paid to the indicators of wall horizontality, screed moisture, adhesion of paint and varnish coatings, functionality of engineering systems.

For example, the permissible deviation of walls and ceilings should not exceed 2 mm per every 2 meters of area. A thorough step-by-step inspection will help identify all defects.

Formalizing Acceptance and Warranties

After eliminating the remarks, the acceptance is formalized by a bilateral act with the signatures of the customer and the contractor. This document confirms the execution of work of proper quality. The customer is also given a package of warranty documents for individual types of work and materials.

Recommendations for Operating the Premises

At the final stage, the team is obliged to instruct the customer on the careful operation of the renovated premises, maintenance rules, and prevention. This will help preserve the renovation results longer.