Reviving Your Floor with Parquet Sanding

Reviving Your Floor with Parquet Sanding

Despite the constantly growing variety of flooring options, parquet floors remain a classic and retain their popularity. Parquet has always been associated with prestige and durability, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in any room. Wood is one of the best natural materials, but over time, the appearance of the parquet may deteriorate. To restore the original appearance of the parquet, it is necessary to use the sanding service.

What is Parquet Sanding?

Sanding is a process where a special machine removes the top layer of the parquet. The machine contains sharp blades that remove all the old varnish and the upper layer of wood. Thus, the parquet becomes perfectly smooth, and all unevenness and roughness are eliminated. Several important points should be considered before carrying out the sanding.

If the parquet is very old or has significant unevenness, it is better to use a drum machine. It will carefully remove the varnish and the top layer of wood without damaging the rest of the surface. If difficulties arise, it is advisable to contact professionals who will perform the sanding of the parquet efficiently and inexpensively.

If bitumen is visible between the planks, it is necessary to change the sanding paper more often, as it quickly gets dirty.

Remember that different types of wood require different approaches to sanding. This is especially important for exotic species.

The floor must be completely dry before sanding, otherwise, instead of renewing the parquet, you will get additional deformations.

The room in which the parquet sanding is carried out should also be dry and warm.

Preparing the Parquet for Sanding

Before starting sanding, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare the surface of the parquet. First, you need to completely clear the room of furniture, carpets, and other items. Then remove all protruding nails, screws, or other fasteners that could damage the sanding machine.

After that, it is important to remove all dust and dirt using a vacuum cleaner and wet cleaning. Special attention should be paid to the gaps between the planks, from where all debris and old varnish should be thoroughly removed.

Good preparation of the surface is important for quality sanding of the parquet. The final result of the work depends on this.

Safety During Sanding

Working with machines for sanding parquet requires adherence to safety measures. It is necessary to use personal protective equipment: respirators, protective glasses, and gloves. This will protect from inhaling wood dust and possible injuries from sharp blades or sanding belts.

During sanding, it is important to ensure good ventilation in the room to prevent the accumulation of harmful substances and dust. When working with machines, care should be taken and outsiders, especially children, should not be allowed close.

Safety is the main priority when sanding parquet, so all instructions and rules must be strictly followed.

DIY Sanding or Professional Service?

Sanding the parquet can be done independently or by using professional services. DIY sanding can save money but requires certain skills and knowledge. Moreover, you will have to rent the necessary equipment and purchase consumables.

Professional sanding of the parquet will cost a bit more, but it guarantees high-quality work and time savings. Specialists have the necessary experience and all the necessary equipment to perform the sanding quickly and neatly.

When choosing between DIY sanding or professional service, you should consider your skills, time, and financial possibilities.

Parquet Care After Sanding

After the sanding, it is important to properly care for the parquet to extend its life. It is necessary to regularly carry out wet cleaning using special products for laminate and parquet. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents and powders that can damage the surface.

Also, protect the parquet from mechanical damage, installing felt pads on the furniture legs and using special mats at the entrance doors.

By following these simple care rules, your sanded parquet will delight you with its impeccable appearance for many years.


Sanding the parquet is an effective way to extend the life of a wooden floor and restore its original appearance. Before sanding, it is important to properly prepare the surface and follow all safety measures. If difficulties arise, it is better to turn to professionals who guarantee a quality result.

After sanding, it is necessary to take proper care of the parquet so that it can serve you as long as possible. By following all recommendations, you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of natural wood in your home for many years.