Plastic Windows in the Bathroom: Finishing Options

Plastic Windows in the Bathroom: Finishing Options

The bathroom is a strategic area in our home, and the approach to its finishing should be particularly thorough. The variety of materials for bathrooms is impressive, offering a wide range of design possibilities.

Important Aspect of Renovation Plumbing is a primary task in bathroom renovation. It's essential to ensure reliable connections of all elements to avoid future repairs. This requires using high-quality plumbing materials.

When choosing finishing materials, remember the high humidity in the bathroom. The smaller the area, the higher the humidity. Often in standard apartments, there are small windows with wooden frames that do not open. Replacing them with plastic windows that can be opened is a good solution.

Trends in Choosing Finishes Texture and color are key aspects When finishing a small bathroom, it's important to focus on the texture and color palette of the materials. Light and bright tones can visually expand the space and make it brighter, while deep and dark shades add depth and luxury to the interior.

Features of Standard High-Rise Buildings In typical multi-story buildings, the size of bathrooms rarely exceeds six square meters, leading to limitations due to poor ventilation and high risk of flooding. In such conditions, it's preferable to choose materials resistant to moisture and easy to maintain, such as ceramic tiles or waterproof wallpapers.

Preparation for Renovation Before starting the bathroom renovation, it's recommended to completely replace the plumbing, including pipes and faucets, to prevent future leaks and breakdowns.

Floor Leak Protection It is crucial to provide reliable protection of the floor from water leaks. This involves using waterproof coatings and special hydro-insulation materials to prevent moisture leakage to neighbors below.

Thus, the choice of finishing materials and preparation for renovation play a key role in creating a functional and safe bathroom interior.

Finishing: Options and Materials Tile adhesive and grout are selected simultaneously with the choice of the tile.

Using natural stone tiles (travertine, onyx, marble) is a luxurious but expensive option. Rubber tile with a stainless steel top layer is a market novelty, with surface variations resembling aluminum racks. Ceramic tile is a classic and affordable option. Manufacturers offer many series for coordinated finishing of walls and floors. Mosaic tile, made of ceramics or glass, is used to create murals, especially in spacious bathrooms.

With good ventilation in the bathroom, options for using drywall, wallpapers, natural wood in finishing become feasible. A spacious room can be zoned using combinations of different materials. The choice of wall finishing method depends on the need for their alignment.