Space Optimization in a Small Kitchen

Space Optimization in a Small Kitchen

Small kitchens are quite common, and for some, it may pose a challenge, but for creative and resourceful individuals, it's a challenge that can be successfully overcome. In this article, we will explore the key secrets that will visually enlarge your kitchen and make it more convenient.

Rational Use of Space

One of the fundamental principles of arranging a small kitchen is the rational use of every square meter of available space. It's essential to ensure that all elements and items in the kitchen serve its functionality. Remove anything that doesn't relate to cooking and food preparation to free up valuable space. Additionally, creating numerous shelves that reach up to the ceiling will help efficiently utilize vertical space.

Use of Light Shades

One effective way to visually expand a kitchen is by choosing light colors in the interior. Light tones create a sense of spaciousness and brightness, making the kitchen more inviting. However, this doesn't mean you have to completely eliminate dark shades. They can be used to create accents and contrast with the main light palette, adding an interesting variety to the interior.

Innovative Use of Cabinet Handles

Cabinet handles, apart from their primary function, can also serve as functional elements in the kitchen's interior. If possible, opt for larger handles that can be used as hooks. This approach helps maximize the kitchen's space, providing additional storage for various items. It also contributes to a more organized and convenient kitchen for everyday tasks.

Upward-Opening Cabinet Doors

When choosing furniture for a small kitchen, pay special attention to cabinet doors that open upward rather than sideways. This choice makes it easy to open the doors even if there are several people in the kitchen. Such door mechanisms save space that would otherwise be occupied by doors swinging sideways, making the kitchen more user-friendly.

Sink Size Shouldn't Depend on Kitchen Size

It's a misconception to think that a small kitchen should have a small sink. The size of the sink doesn't depend on the amount of dirty dishes you generate. Installing a larger sink allows you to accommodate all the necessary dishes and utensils without taking up extra space on tables and chairs. This rational use of space enhances the kitchen's functionality.

Horizontal Pull-Out Drawers

For space optimization in a small kitchen, consider using horizontal pull-out drawers in your interior design. They not only visually increase the available space but also allow efficient use of the entire drawer's volume, unlike regular shelves. Kitchens with such drawers acquire a modern appearance and become more functional.

No Doors

If you have a small kitchen, you can consider the option of having no doors on the upper cabinets. Installing an exhaust hood will help eliminate kitchen odors, while the absence of doors creates a sense of freedom and coziness. This decision makes the space more open and provides quick access to necessary items, which is convenient during cooking.


Optimizing space in a small kitchen is a genuine art. Adhering to a few simple rules and thinking creatively will allow you to visually enlarge your small kitchen, making it more convenient while preserving functionality and style.