How to even out walls by yourself

How to even out walls by yourself

It's rare for an apartment to boast perfectly smooth walls – more often, they have dents and various irregularities, often even deviations. It will be difficult to apply wallpaper there, tricky to decorate with decorative tiles, even standard paint will look unesthetic. Save money – learn how to even out walls yourself.

Find out about this here – a master explains. First, you need to assess the uneven areas. This can be measured using a construction level, laser level, or ordinary plumb lines. Next, choose the leveling method. Less than half a centimeter – putty will suffice to fix problems, larger drops are eliminated with plaster mixes, if more than five centimeters – it's better to construct a frame and apply drywall.


If you want to know how to even out walls in an apartment this way, act step by step.

First, prepare the walls for treatment. To ensure the mix adheres well, treat the wall as necessary. Get rid of the old coating, apply a primer. If the thickness of the plaster layer is more than 2 cm, use a reinforcing plaster mesh. Install beacons. They can be wooden slats or metal profiles. The latter is easier for beginners. Strings are stretched between the beacons, and then intermediate beacons are mounted. Make a solution from the plaster mix according to the instructions. Apply it evenly with a trowel. When the plaster dries – it will result in an even but rough surface. To make it perfectly smooth – a small layer of putty is required, then additional sanding with fine-grit sandpaper. If you work with putty – also clean the wall, make the mix, and then apply it using a trowel. If there are irregularities, use a construction rule – it's easier to even out the surface.


And another method for those interested in how to even out walls. It's simple and inexpensive. First, a frame is made from an aluminum profile or wooden bars. Metal is better – as it's more reliable. The spacing between them – 60 cm. Then the frame is filled with insulating material.

Next, drywall is mounted, installation is carried out with screws at a distance of 30 cm. Don't forget to recess them by a millimeter. Then joints and screw caps are masked with a gypsum mixture. If you are interested in how to even out walls even better, after installing the drywall, you can perform additional puttying and sanding.