A Dome-Shaped House with High Energy Efficiency

A Dome-Shaped House with High Energy Efficiency

Amidst the grey mass of concrete buildings, this uniquely shaped house stands out. The structure is composed of wooden elements connected by special metal fasteners.

Using Eco-Friendly Insulation

The chosen insulator is environmentally safe cellulose wadding, known for its excellent thermal insulation properties. Despite its compact exterior, the house is spacious and cozy inside. The unique feature is a single round room, which does not hinder the placement of standard furniture and decorative elements.

Uniqueness in Measuring Area

The creator of the house jokes about the difficulty of measuring the area of a round house using traditional methods.

Independent Design

Valeriy, without any formal architectural training, independently developed the project of his unique house using specialized software for creating 3D models.

Cost-Efficiency and Simplicity in Construction

Building this house cost Valeriy just $7,000, and he managed to complete the work in ten months without professional help.

Popularity of Eco-Homes

Experienced builder Vitaliy has noticed an increasing interest in such eco-homes both domestically and abroad. They are distinguished by their affordability and simplicity of assembly.

Energy-Saving Advantages

The house is heated with wood, and thanks to its shape, it quickly warms up and retains heat well. In winter, the indoor temperature reaches 26 degrees Celsius, and a truckload of wood suffices for three heating seasons.

Durability and Practicality

Despite certain biases, Valeriy is confident that his dome-shaped house will last about 50 years, offering an economical and energy-efficient living option.